Mentorship and Skills Development

UNIQueCO supports and implements strategically planned in-house programs and external project or workshops in promoting empowerment. Practical training opportunities facilitate communication between employer, employees and clients.

Our approach has resulted in qualifying a number of candidate valuers. UNIQueCO, as an independent private practice, offers scope to a vast variety of property types as well as valuation methodologies and purposes.

Business Opportunities

UNIQUECO Property Valuers are constantly expanding their vision across all of South Africa’s provinces, and have become members of FASA (Franchise Association of South Africa).

The company has aimed its sights on expanding UNIQueCO through franchising, supported by its comprehensive experience. By creating lucrative, challenging career and business opportunities as one of the largest valuation companies dominating the market, we want to attract the best and brightest to our brand.

Major clients such as municipalities, government, corporate and the private industry make use, almost exclusively, of our service offering. Smaller independent firms are becoming more isolated, relying on sourcing business from minor clients. UNIQueCO is offering a chance, to suitably qualified candidate valuers, to participate in this initiative.

Valuers who wish to become part of this organisation can forward their enquiries to